Our Mission

We are on a mission to spread awareness around major environmental challenges while funding projects aiming to tackle them. To achieve that, we collaborate with non-profit organizations to which we donate 10% of the total revenues from the furniture we sell.

A sustainable approach

Cutting down trees to produce lumber is a practice that deserves attention in a world where human activities significantly impact our planet's natural resources. Deforestation and its large scale consequences remain one of the major threats to society and our own well-being.

Creating well made pieces that our customers will care for is one of the powers in our hands to limit the immense areas of forests wiped away every year. Yet, we feel like we can achieve more.

When we founded nitsn In 2015, we decided to commit to planting one tree with each piece sold. As nitsn grows, so will each tree. With each object produced, we aim to positively impact our environment. 

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